Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Obama a Communist?

Once again, the media is carrying water for the Democrats (to no surprise). Today, I read an article from Time titled "How Healthy Is John McCain?" This is all part of a continued campaign to defeat the Republicans in the general election.

Is it really the media's job to pick one party over the other?

If the media were "fair and balanced," there could easily be an article questioning Obama. Something like "How inexperienced is Barack Obama?" or "Is Barack Obama an active Communist?" It would be as important as the Time article today.

Of course the Dems and the MSM are painting a picture of McCain to be too old to hold power. I find it amusing that these are the same people who take money from the AARP to promote the pyramid scheme they call Social Security and claim they are for the elderly in the workplace, yet once the elderly doesn't talk the party line, they hammer them as "old people have no place in society."

I digress, is Obama a Communist? That isn't for me to decide, but now I planted that seed in your mind and if every news outlet in the world placed another seed, by election time, you would buy the Complete Story.

The Liberals cannot win by pitting their ideology against Conservatives. They are winning these special elections by competing in red states with "conservative" liberals. Nothing wrong with this. They are merely trying to redraw the country as Center-Left instead of Center-Right, which is a great strategy. The GOP is completely useless and incompetent right now, so at least some party is taking the initiative to go after what voters want.

It is just not the job of the media to carry out political talking points.

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