Thursday, May 29, 2008

Al Qaeda Discusses Losing Iraq

From Strategy Page, amazing (it really speaks for itself). Please read the whole thing over at their website. A truly great assessment of how well the U.S., coalition and our Iraqi partners are doing while destroying Al Qaeda:
Al Qaeda web sites are making a lot of noise about "why we lost in Iraq." Western intelligence agencies are fascinated by the statistics being posted in several of these Arab language sites. Not the kind of stuff you read about in the Western media. According to al Qaeda, their collapse in Iraq was steep and catastrophic. According to their stats, in late 2006, al Qaeda was responsible for 60 percent of the terrorist attacks, and nearly all the ones that involved killing a lot of civilians. The rest of the violence was carried out by Iraqi Sunni Arab groups, who were trying in vain to scare the Americans out of the country.
Today, al Qaeda has been shattered, with most of its leadership and foot soldiers dead, captured or moved from Iraq. As a result, al Qaeda attacks have declined more than 90 percent. Worse, most of their Iraqi Sunni Arab allies have turned on them, or simply quit. This "betrayal" is handled carefully on the terrorist web sites, for it is seen as both shameful, and perhaps recoverable.

The article goes on to detail specific actions that have crushed Al Qaeda in Iraq and around the world. The whole movement is deeply flawed and based on murder and fear rather than bringing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to people.

Please support us winning this war. Think of the millions of Iraqis who are now allies and friends and partners for the rest of time. Think about their families as they fight daily with us to defeat terrorism and show the world that Islam can be compatible with a free-market democracy. If everyone just gets on board for a year and we can show solidarity, the terrorists will give up instantly.

We are very close to winning a historical victory. Once the Iraqi economy is booming, the Iranian people will revolt because they too want to live free and benefit from the wealth of a modern economy. The dominoes will fall. I don't care if the Dems take responsibility for this, just win for the billions still trapped in poverty and oppression.

Race Baiting Continues

This is just getting disgusting. An article at CNN basically says if you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist. Everyone knew these articles were going to hit the streets, and they have off-an-on, but you are going to see a lot more like these.

Sen. Barack Obama, in running for the presidency of the United States, is challenging DeTocqueville's bleak assessment of the human heart. It remains unclear whether the Illinois senator is on a hopeless mission, or whether the American people will decide to make history by breaking with it.

Where do I start on this one? We can only prove that the human heart is not bleak if we vote for a black man? Couldn't you make the same argument that if we don't vote for a woman, we are a miserable species because at one time we did erred against women?
Any discussion of race or racism inevitably stirs uncomfortable reactions. America is, indeed, a nation of immigrants. Most of our ancestors came here in search of a better life. Africans, however, arrived here in chains to make a better life for others. Yet to date, we have been unable to discuss the horrors of the enslavement, lynchings, segregation and degradation of African-Americans without prompting resentment or indifference.
We have been unable to discuss the horrors of slavery? My guess was it was pretty bad and I would never own a slave. I do not condone slavery or judging by skin color. It is the Dems that force us to identify with skin color to verify if their Affirmative Action programs are working. I guess this is my "indifference."

Blacks have been able to relocate back to Africa for generations now, but have stayed. Why? Because the U.S. is a darned good country. We aren't perfect, but we do things a lot better than most of the world. You can travel anywhere you want in the world today and we still have very long lines at immigration to get in.
"That's all in the past," is a common retort. "We had nothing to do with it. It's history. Get over it." The problem, however, as the results in a number of the primary states reveal, is that racial prejudice is not history, and neither whites nor blacks are over it.

THEN, to top it off, the fact that some primary states had the audacity to vote for a white woman over a black man shows racism still exists. That is the ONLY explanation. The Democrats have built their party around identity politics, so they shouldn't be surprised that white middle class women voted for Hillary and black men voted for Obama.

There can be no discussion about the Democrat failed policy initiatives. Let's talk about race and gender instead.

This reminds me of those cheesy sitcoms where they used obvious reverse psychology on someone to get them to do what they wanted. It was always so painfully obvious, but the characters would, without question, do exactly what the person really wanted in the first place.

If you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist and are forcing us to continue in the "wrong direction" as a country. Get used to hearing this more and more as November comes along.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Obama a Communist?

Once again, the media is carrying water for the Democrats (to no surprise). Today, I read an article from Time titled "How Healthy Is John McCain?" This is all part of a continued campaign to defeat the Republicans in the general election.

Is it really the media's job to pick one party over the other?

If the media were "fair and balanced," there could easily be an article questioning Obama. Something like "How inexperienced is Barack Obama?" or "Is Barack Obama an active Communist?" It would be as important as the Time article today.

Of course the Dems and the MSM are painting a picture of McCain to be too old to hold power. I find it amusing that these are the same people who take money from the AARP to promote the pyramid scheme they call Social Security and claim they are for the elderly in the workplace, yet once the elderly doesn't talk the party line, they hammer them as "old people have no place in society."

I digress, is Obama a Communist? That isn't for me to decide, but now I planted that seed in your mind and if every news outlet in the world placed another seed, by election time, you would buy the Complete Story.

The Liberals cannot win by pitting their ideology against Conservatives. They are winning these special elections by competing in red states with "conservative" liberals. Nothing wrong with this. They are merely trying to redraw the country as Center-Left instead of Center-Right, which is a great strategy. The GOP is completely useless and incompetent right now, so at least some party is taking the initiative to go after what voters want.

It is just not the job of the media to carry out political talking points.